Famous Temples in India

About Velpu

India, from Himalayas to Kanyakumari, a land of intense spirituality and religious faith reflected in the profusion of temples present in this sub-continent. Temples are found everywhere in India from large monumental structures to small stone buildings, each greatly influencing the lives of the ordinary people. Hinduism is the religion followed by the Hindus, its philosophy (Sanatha Dharma) has a very strong influence on the people governing various aspects of their lives including Spirituality. Temples apart from being religious also play the role of a spiritual, social, cultural and economic centre influencing the lives of the people both in the cities and villages, these wonderful monuments form an integral part of the rich Indian cultural heritage.

Our Vision (Purpose)

To lead the way in preservation of Hindu temples, heritage sites and related knowledge for future generations through use of technology and public engagement.

Our Mission (Objectives)

  •   To create a one-point stop for obtaining information and planning travel to any temple in India.
  •   To become the trusted partner for any person travelling to temples in India.
  •   To make visit to temples and other heritage sites more enjoyable and memorable experience through usage of our web and mobile applications.
  •   To be able to create employment opportunities for local youth at tourist locations.
  •   Improve tourist ecosystem to make it more fair, transparent and user friendly.
  •   Increase public participation in renovation of old temples through use of technology.

Our Story

Our journey started with a simple thought in 2018 as to how we can protect our temples in the current form and pass on this rich heritage to next generations. We believe that these structures are heap of knowledge that have withstood the test of time, our effort is to admire, understand and pass on knowledge of these marvellous structures and related spiritual traditions that have been built around them. We have established a purpose for ourselves to decipher these to the maximum extent possible and to make it more easier for the current generations and future generations to understand and appreciate these rich spiritual eco-systems.

Our Promise

  • Temple Information - We will make every effort to provide most up to date Information about Temples.
  • Trip Planning - We help you plan trips avoiding any significant disruptions or surprises.
  • Secure Travels - We work only with well vetted and trusted partners.
  • Top Advisors - We dedicate people with best local knowledge to assist you during the trip.
  • Memorable Experiences - We focus on delivering an enjoyable experience based on your preferences.