Famous Temples in India


ASHTA VEERATTAM THALANGAL: The temples where Shiva is believed to have performed with fury. The ashta veerattanams are temples built for Shiva in Tamil Nadu where in Shiva took on the destruction mood to destroy asuras and evil forces. It is basically a temple built to commemorate victory over evil in many cases evil is an allegory for negative human features like ego, ignorance, fear of death, Kama etc. These temples have been in existence for more than 1000 years. The eight temples are Thirukkandiyur where one of Lord Brahma’s five heads was plucked; Thirukkovilur where the demon Andhakasuran was vanquished; Thiruvathigai where the lord is believed to have done the “Thiripura Samharam”; Keezha Parasalur where Dakshan’s yagna was stopped and he was killed; Thiruvirkudi where the demon Jalandharasuran was killed; Thiru Vazhuvur where the elephant Gajasuran was vanquished; Thiru Korukkai where Manmathan was burnt and later blessed; Thirukkadaiyur where Lord Yama was believed to have been kicked and punished to save Sage Markandeya.