CHAUSATH YOGINI TEMPLES: The major surviving temples of the 64 Yoginis, commonly termed as the ''Chausath Yogini” shrines are two in Orissa and three in Madhya Pradesh in India. The term ‘Yogini’ called in par language as ‘Jogini’ is the feminine term for a yogi. As a part of the Yogic school of Hindu tradition, they were a part of the Nath Yoga tradition. Some texts refer to the sacred feminine force as incarnation of a particular aspect of Godess Parvati. There are supposed to be eight Matrikas, who arrive with their eight attendants making the group as 64 Yoginis. Ideally, a Chausath Jogini temple is a Hypaethral temple, that one with no roof. The architecture provides sustenance and support in the tantrik prayer rituals involving the worship of the Bhu-mandala. Legend has it that Goddess Durga took the form of 64 demi goddesses to defeat a demon. These Joginis were then given their place in the temple. They are depicted as either standing on an animal or a demon head.