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  • SRI VENKATESWARA SWAMY TEMPLE | 18-09-2020 TO 24-11-2020 | BRAHMOTSAVAMS OF SRI VENKATESWARA SWAMY TEMPLE: ¦¦ 18-09-2020 Evening Ankurarpanam, 19-09-2020 Morning Dwajarohanam Evening Pedda Sesha Vahanam, 20-09-2020 Morning Chinna SeshaVahanam Evening Hamsa Vahanam, 21-09-2020 Morning Simha Vahanam Evening Mutyapu Pandiri Vahanam, 22-09-2020 Morning Kalpavriksha Vahanam Evening Sarva Bhupala Vahanam, 23-09-2020 Morning Mohini Avataram Evening Garuda Vahanam, 24-09-2020 Morning Hanumantha Vahanam Evening Swarna Ratham,Gaja Vahanam, 25-09-2020 Morning Suryaprabha Vahanam Evening ChandraPrabha Vahanam, 26-09-2020 Morning Rathosavam Evening Aswa Vahanam, 27-09-2020 Morning ChakraSnanam Evening Dwaja Avarohanam || 15-10-2020 Ankurarpana, 16-10-2020 Dwajarohanam Golden Tiruchi Ustavam Pedda sesha Vahanam, 17-10-2020 Chinna Sesha Vahanam & Hamsa Vahanam, 18-10-2020 Simha Vahanam Mutyapu Pandiri Vahanam, 19-10-2020 Kalpavriksha Vahanam Sarva Bhupala Vahanam, 20-10-2020 Mohini Avataram Garuda Vahanam, 21-10-2020 Hanumantha Vahanam Pushpaka Vimanam Gaja Vahanam, 22-10-2020 Surya Prabha Vahanam Chandra Prabha Vahanam, 23-10-2020 Rathotsavam Aswa Vahanam, 24-10-2020 Chakra Snanam Dwajavarohanam ¦¦
  • SRI KANAKA DURGA TEMPLE | 25-10-2020 TO 25-12-2020 | BRAHMOTSAVAMS OF SRI KANAKA DURGA TEMPLE: ¦¦ Dasara 25-10-2020(Sunday) Sri Swarna Kavachalakruta Durga Devi Alankaram, 26-10-2020(Monday) Sri Bala Tripura Sundari Devi Alankaram, 27-10-2020(Tuesday) Sri Annapurna Devi Alankaram, 28-10-2020(Wednesday)Sri Gayatri Devi Alankaram, 29-10-2020(Thursday) Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari Devi Alankaram, 30-10-2020(Friday) Sri Saraswathi Devi Alankaram, 31-10-2020(Saturday)Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi Alankaram, 01-11-2020(Sunday)Sri Durga Devi Alankaram, 02-11-2020(Monday)Sri Mahishasura Mardhini Devi Alankaram, 03-11-2020(Tuesday)Sri Raja Rajeshwari Devi Alankaram, Mukkoti Ekadasi 25-12-2020(Friday) ¦¦
  • SRI PADMAVATHI DEVI TEMPLE | 11-11-2020 TO 19-11-2020 | BRAHMOTSAVAMS OF SRI PADMAVATHI DEVI TEMPLE: ¦¦ Brahmotsavam 11-11-2020 Morning Vahanam: Dwajarohanam Evening Vahanam: Chinna Sesha Vahanam Seva, 12-11-2020 Morning Vahanam: Pedha Sesha Vahanam Seva Evening Vahanam: Hamsa Vahana seva, 13-11-2020 Morning Vahanam: Muthupandal Vahanam Seva Evening Vahanam: Simha Vahanam Seva, 14-11-2020 Morning Vahanam: Kalpa Vriksha Vahana Seva Evening Vahanam: Hanuman Vahanam Seva,15-11-2020 Morning Vahanam: Pallaku Utsavam Seva Evening Vahanam: Gaja Vahanam Seva, 16-11-2020 Morning Vahanam: Sarva Bhupala Vahanam Seva Evening Vahanam: Golden Chariot, Garuda Vahanam Seva, 17-11-2020 Morning Vahanam: Suriya Praba Vahanam Seva Evening Vahanam: Chandra Prabha Vahana Seva, 18-11-2020 Morning Vahanam::Rathotsavam Seva (Car Festival) Evening Vahanam – Ashva Vahanam Seva, 19-11-2020 Morning Vahanam::Chakra Snanam, Panchami Teertham Evening Vahanam: Dwaja Avarohanam ¦¦


Chandragiri, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India


It was built in the year 1000AD during the rule of Yadavanaidus. Later it was taken over by the Vijayanagara rulers in 1367. The most famous Vijayanagara emperor, Srikrishna Devaraya, was kept hidden in this fort as a prince, till his coronation at Penukonda. It is also said that he met his future queen Chinna Devi at this fort. Chandragiri was the 4th capital of Vijayanagar Empire.

Chandragiri Fort was the last bastion of the Vijaynagar Empire. It is spread over a hillock located near the temple town of Tirupati. Its massive walls, punctuated with bastions and surrounded with a ditch, enclose the remains of palaces and temples. Most of these structures were erected by the Vijaynagaras. Their successor, Aravidus, strengthened them. In 1646, Aravidus captured this fort from Vijaynagar Kings. The well-known Aravidu king Venkatapatideva used Chandragiri as a base to rule over the territories of Vijaynagar.

Vijaynagaras had a good architectural acumen. The magnificent Raja Mahal is the evidence of that. Its facade has three arcaded storeys and on the top there is a pyramidal tower. This palace has been extensively renovated. The nearby ‘Rani Mahal’ is identical to the Raja Mahal, but is smaller in size. The excavations further north appear to be the royal residences. There are a few abandoned temples near the palaces. Most of them date back to the 15th and 16th centuries .

Interesting Facts

  • There is a collection of armory used in those days like Draggers, knifes, swords, head shields used in battle fields and iron chains.
  • The stone gallery has to its collection the Kalayana Sundara- Shiva’s marriage to Parvathi, Kala Bhairava, Sati, Alwar, Seated Vishnu and many more.
  • The Model Gallery house Paleolithic Tool and Microlith Tools, Stucco heads and copper coins used in the times of Vijayanagara kingdom. There is also a peacock carved in wood dating back to 17th Century A.D

Suggested time duration

4 Hours

Crowded Period


Best Season To Visit

October – March

Do's & Dont's

  • Do not enter restricted zone, which is meant for your safety.
  • Avoid touching & scratching the walls & surfaces of the monument as these are heritage sites and need special care.
  • Visitors are requested not to make noise inside the monument.


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Day Start Time End Time Adult Entry Fee Child Entry Fee
All Days
09:00 AM 08:00 PM
  • Friday is Holiday

Day - Timings - activities - price

Day Timings Activities Price(Rs)
7:00 PM Laser show Adults
7:00 AM Boating Adults

Transport Connections

Name Distance Contact Number
A.P.S.R.T.C. BUS STAND, Tirupati
13 KM 0877-2289907
Tirupati Railway Station
13 KM 0877-2225810
Tirupati International Airport
25 KM 0877-2275354

What to Carry

Carry water and light food

Suitable For

Adults Disabled Elderly Children Infants




Parking is available for 10 cars.

Route Alert

This road is Double road which connects to state highway.

Nearest Town

Town Name Distance
Tirupati 12 KM

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