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  • SRI MADURAI MEENAKSHI TEMPLE | 15-04-2021 TO 30-04-2021 | Madurai Chithirai Festival 2021 : Sri Meenakshi Sundareshwar Thiruvizha Schedule Dates - Thiru Kalyanam. April 15th - Chithrai Thiruvizha Kodiyetram (Flag hoisting) - Karpaga Vriksha , Simha Vahanam. April 16th - Bootha, Anna Vahanam. April 17th - Kailasa Parvadham, Kamadhenu Vahanam. April 18th - Thanga Pallakku. April 19th - Vedar Pari Leelai, Thanga Guthirai Vahanam. April 20th - Saiva Samaya Sthabitha Varalatru Leelai, Rishaba Vahanam. April 21st - Nantheekeshwarar, Yaali Vahanam. April 22nd - Sree Meenakshi Pattabhishekam, Velli Simhasana Ula. April 23rd - Sree Meenakshi Digvijayam, Indra Vimana Ula. April 24th - Sree Meenkashi Sundareshwar Thirukalyanam(Celestial Wedding),Yaanai Vahanam - Puspha Pallaku. April 25th - Thiru Ther - Therottam (Ratha Ustavam), Sapthavarna Chapram. April 26th - Theertham, Velli Virutchaba Seva April 27th - Sri Kallazhagar Vaigai Aatril Ezhuntharural - 1000 Ponsaprathudan, Night Saithyobacharam at Vandiyur. April 28th - Thirumalirunsolai Sri Kal Azhagar - Vandiyur Thenur Mandapam, Sesha Vahanam, Garuda Vahanam, Moksham For Manduga Maharishi, Dasavathara Katchi at Ramarayar Mandapam at Night. April 29th - Mohana Avatharam, Night Kallazhagar Thiru Kollam in Puspha Pallaku at Mysore Mandapam. April 30th - Sri Kal Azhagar Thirumalai Eluntharural.
  • SRI SEETHA RAMACHANDRA SWAMY TEMPLE | 17-04-2021 TO 27-04-2021 | Sri Rama Navami Brahmotsavams begins from 17th April and Concludes on 27th April, 2021. April 17th – Ankurarpanam April 18th – Garuda Patha Lekanam April 19th – Agni Pratistha, Dwajarohanam April 20th – Chathuhsthaanarchana, Edurukolu April 21st – Sri Rama Navami Kalyanam, Sri Rama Deeksha Prarambham April 22nd – Maha Pattabhishekam April 23rd – Sadasyam, Hamsa Vahana Seva April 24th – Theppotsavam, Chorotsavam, Aswa Vahana Seva April 25th – Unjal Ustavam, Simha Vahana Seva April 26th – Vasantotsavam, Havanam, Gaja Vahana Seva April 27th – Chakrateertham, Poornahuthi
  • KODANDA RAMA SWAMY TEMPLE | 21-04-2021 TO 29-04-2021 | Vontimitta Sri Kodanda Rama Swamy temple brahmotsavams will start from April 21st and ends on 29th April. April 20th - Ankurarpanam. April 21st – Dwajarohanam, Sesha vahanam. April 22nd – Venugana Alamkaram, Hamsa Vahanam. April 23rd – Vatapatrasai Alamakaram, Simha Vahanam. April 24th – Navaneetha Krishna Alamkaram, Hanumantha Vahanam. April 25th – Mohini Alamkaram, Garuda seva. April 26th – Shivadhanurbanga Alamkaram, Sri Sitaramula kalyanam (8pm) April 27th – Rathotsavam. April 28th – Kaliyamardana Alamkaram, Aswa Vahanam. April 29th – Chakra snanam, Dwajavarohanam. April 30th – Puspha Yagam.


Nayur, Tamilnadu, India



The main diety of this temple is Pushparatheswarar who is an incrarination of Lord Shiva facing East direction. Lord is in lingam form here. The scar caused by the cut of the king is visible on the Shivalinga. Lord Shiva here is a Swayambu Moorthy.


Mother is called as Sornambigai consort of Lord Shiva is 5 feet tall facing East direction.

Interesting Facts

  • Outside the temple complex, about 400 yards away is the birth place of Sangili Nachiyar, wife of Sundaramurthy Nayanar.
  • This place is a big open ground that has been fenced around, with a small shrine like structure, that houses a large framed image of Sangili Nachiyar.

Best Season To Visit

The best season to visit this temple is Winter season. The best months to visit are September to February.


Highest - April to June ( 38°C during day and 26°C during night)Average - May (35 °C during the day and 21 °C during night)Lowest - October to February ( 25 °C during day and 18 °C during night)Monsoon season - August to September

Dress Code

  • For men the dress code is Shirt & Trouser, Dhoti or Pyjamas with upper cloth.
  • For women the preferred dress code is saree or half-saree with blouse or chudidhar with pyjama and upper cloth.
  • These rules are applicable for foreigners also. Shorts, mini-skirts, middies, sleeveless tops, low-waist jeans and short-length T-shirts are not allowed.
  • Pilgrims/visitors will not be allowed inside the temple if dress code is not followed.

Do's & Dont's

  • Do bathe and wear clean clothes before you enter the temple.
  • Do respect ancient customs and co-piligrims while at temple.
  • Smo​king is strictly prohibited inside the temple premises.

transport connections

Name Distance Contact Number
Minjur Terminus
7.8 KM 9629240778
Ennore Railway Station
18.2 KM 139
Chennai International Airport
37.4 KM 044-22560551


By Surya's devotion, Lord Shiva appeared as a lingam on one of the lotuses and cured him. Deity is called as Pushparatheswarar / Poothereeswarar. Both the names convey the same meaning; Poo or Pushpam means flower and Ratham or Ther means chariot. Since the lingam was found in lotus, he got this name. Lotus is the flower that is offered to the god here. The temple is facing East direction and built in Dravidian style of architecture. The temple has 5-tiered Raja gopuram on the South side and dhwaja stambham is placed infront of the temple. Vinayakar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma and Durgai are the niche idol around the sanctum walls. There is a shrine for Surya in the Artha mandapam. Interconnecting mandapam between mother shrine and sanctum was added at a later stage. Theertham of this temple is Surya pushkarini, situated near east side entrance.

Religious Significance

A Chola king was returning after successfully waging a war on a kingdom in Andhra Pradesh. He camped at Cholavaram. He was a staunch Shiva devotee and went in search of lotus to perform his daily pooja. During his search he saw a pond full of lotuses. One of the flowers was taller, bigger and more beautiful than the rest. The king wanted this flower for the pooja and tried to reach the flower. As the king neared the flower it moved away and was elusive. After several futile attempts, the king was very angry and threw his sword at the flower. The sword broke into pieces. One of the pieces fell on a lingam which was in the pond. The pond turned red in no time because of the blood that was oozing from the lingam. This scar can still be seen on this Shiva Lingam. The king fainted there. His horse fled from the scene before fainting. Lord Shiva then appeared before the king and blessed him. The king apologized to the lord. Lord Shiva asked the king to build a temple for the lingam that was found in the pond.

Sanjana devi, the wife of Sun god is the daughter of Vishwakarma. Though she was happy with her husband, at one stage she felt that she couldn’t bear his heat any longer. So, she left him after leaving her duplicate in her place whom she created from her own shadow. When Sun god realized the truth, he prayed to lord Shiva at the Arunachaleswarar temple to unite him again with his wife. While circumambulating the shrine he saw a light which fell on him by way of blessings and then moved away. Intrigued, he followed the light till it reached the village of Gnayiru where it fell on a linga and vanished. Surya was pleased at the happening and for Shiva's (Lord Pushparatheswarar) blessings, after which Surya returned to his wife. Since the Sun god is said to have bathed in the pond, it became known as Surya theertham and there is also a Surya shrine in the temple & here is the story on why this place got the name Gnayiru Gramam. A Chola king was on a pilgrimage to Kasi and was passing through this village. He saw the beautiful lotus in the pond and as he tried to pluck the same he was blinded. He prayed to the lord that he would build a temple here on his way back from Kasi. Immediately, his eyesight was restored in one eye. As promised he came to the village on his way back. Lord Shiva appeared to the king and shone brightly on the lotus as Suryan. The king then built a temple as instructed by the lord and got back his eyesight in the other eye as well. Since then, this place is known as Gnayiru Gramam and came to be known as a Surya sthalam.


Pandyas and Vijayanagar kings are contributed this temple. Sage Agasthiyar, the author of Adityahadayam is believed to have stayed here and worshipped Lord Shiva. Adityahadayam is a sloka recited by Agasthiyar to Lord Rama. Birth place of Sangili Nachiyar, the wife of the Nayanmar Sundarar. The place of final resting of Shri Kanva Maharishi (Foster father of Shakunthala). The temple was 1000 years old and renovation work done in 2006, built by Chola kings.

Temple Timings

Day Timings
All Days 05:30 AM - 12:00 PM 04:00 PM - 08:00 PM



Airport Name Distance
Shamshabad 40 KM
Lorem Ipsum 12 KM

Railway Stations

Railway Station Name Distance
Secunderabad 10 KM
Nampally 12 KM
Begumpet 6 KM
Lingampally 20 KM

Bus Stations

Bus Station Name Distance
kukatpally 20 KM
Lingampally 30 KM
Uppal 35 KM

Private Transports

Transport Name Distance Contact Number
Private Transport 8 KM 9546858757
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Nayur, Tamilnadu, India

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