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Vellore, Tamilnadu, India



Lord Murgan is main deity of this temple. Here he is facing East direction, in standing posture.

Interesting Facts

  • Temple is a rock cut hill temple, which is situated on the slopes of Javvadhu Hills, on the banks of Palar river.

Best Season To Visit

The best season to visit this temple is Winter season. The best months to visit are September to February.


Highest - April to June (38°C during day and 26°C during night)Average - May (33.7 °C during the day and 21 °C during night)Lowest - October to February (26 °C during day and 17 °C during night)Monsoon season - June to September

Dress Code

  • Pilgrims are suggested to wear only indian traditional clothes for the darshan or seva or any pooja performance in the Temple.
  • Western wear is not allowed in to the Temple premises.

Do's & Dont's

  • Do bathe and wear clean clothes before you enter the Temple.
  • Do respect ancient customs and co-piligrims while at Temple.
  • Do deposit your offerings in the hundi only.
  • Smo​king & Photography is strictly prohibited inside the Temple Premises.

transport connections

Name Distance Contact Number
Vellore New Bus Station
25 KM 0416-2220552
Katpadi Jn
19.4 km 139
Vellore Airport
36.9 km 91-416-291201


Valli (the daughter of Vishnu and Mahalakshmi in their earthly form of a sage and deer respectively) is said to have been discovered as a baby here at Murugan Vallimalai by the hunter Nambirajan, hence the name of the temple is called as Vallimalai Murugan temple. Murugan and Valli are believed to have met here at Murugan Vallimalai, facing East direction with Dravidian style of architecture. Vimana tower above the sanctum sanctorum here the gopuram is above the sanctum. Main Raja gopuram is five tier with five kalasas on it. The Kodimaram / Dwajasthamba is located at temple entrance. The garba griha of the temple is actually a cave formed between the two boulders. There is a square window to the east side of sanctum.

Nambirajan-father of Valli and the nine warriors (Nava Veeras) of Murugan are in the front mandapam. Inside the mandapam we see Selva Vinayakar, Arunagirinadhar, Veerabadrar, Nava Veerar, Kasi Viswanadhar, Visalakshi, Nandi and Chandeeswarar. Peacock in a small mandapam in front of the steps. There are mantapams helpfully to take rest frequently and proceed up slowly. There is a pond called the Saravana Poigai at the foot hills.

Religious Significance

Lord Vishnu as a sage came to earth to perform penance. Mahalakshmi came before him in the form a deer. When lord looked at her, she (the deer) delivered a female child there surrounded by Valli plants. Nambirajan, the head of the hunter community saw the child, took her and named Valli as she was found around the Valli plants. When Valli grew, she took charge the Thinai fields to protect the crop from the birds. Murugan desired to have Valli in marriage. Their wedding was celebrated by Nambirajan at Tiruthani as per rules. Responding to the prayer of Nambirajan, Lord Murugan stayed (stays) in the hills to bless his devotees. According to a legend, the daughters of Lord Maha Vishnu, Valli and Devayani wanted a husband who will never get angry. In order to get their wish fulfilled, they prayed to Lord Murugan, who suddenly appeared before them. Both the daughters of Lord Maha Vishnu requested Lord Murugan to fulfil their wish. However, Lord Murugan said that in the next birth, when Devayani will be born to Indiran and Valli will be born to Vedas, he will marry them. In the next birth, when Surapadman, the asuran disturbed the Indiralogam, Lord Murugan came to destroy the asuran. After destroying Surapadman, as promised he married Devayani, the daughter of Indiran. 500-1000 years old, Madurai Nayak rulers and Pallava rulers. This is one of the temples visited by Arungirinadhar who sang Thirupugazh on Lord Murugan.

Temple Timings

Day Timings
All Days 06:00 AM - 12:30 PM 04:00 PM - 09:00 PM


Arthajama puja
All Days
09:00 - 09:30



Airport Name Distance
Shamshabad 40 KM
Lorem Ipsum 12 KM

Railway Stations

Railway Station Name Distance
Secunderabad 10 KM
Nampally 12 KM
Begumpet 6 KM
Lingampally 20 KM

Bus Stations

Bus Station Name Distance
kukatpally 20 KM
Lingampally 30 KM
Uppal 35 KM

Private Transports

Transport Name Distance Contact Number
Private Transport 8 KM 9546858757
Private Transport1 8 KM 9546858757
Private Transport1 8 KM 9546858757
Private Transport1 8 KM 9546858757
Private Transport1 8 KM 9546858757

Local Transports

Transport Name Distance Contact Number
Local Transport 5 KM 9546858757
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Local Transport1 5 KM 9546858757
Local Transport1 5 KM 9546858757
Local Transport1 5 KM 9546858757

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