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Virinchipuram, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India



Margabandeeswarar is the main deity of this temple and an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Lord Margabandeeswarar is a lingam form. The linga is pretty tall and slightly leaning to North-East direction.


Goddess Maragadhambikai is consort of Lord Shiva. Maragadhambikai is 3 feet tall with four armed idol in standing posture. She faces east direction.

Interesting Facts

  • Margabandeswarar temple located on the banks of River Palar.
  • The rays of sun fall on the presiding deity during the Panguni month (Feb-March).
  • On the North-West corner is present the 1008 Maha linga shrine. 1008 small lingams are enshrined in a single Maha lingam.
  • Arunachala Puranam, Siva Rahasiyam, Kanchi puranam and many other holy books have described this temple.

Best Season To Visit

The best season to visit this temple is Winter season. The best months to visit are September to February.


Highest - April to June (38°C during day and 26°C during night)Average - May (37 °C during the day and 25 °C during night)Lowest - October to February (30 °C during day and 21°C during night)Monsoon season - August to September

Dress Code

  • For men the dress code is dhoti or pyjamas with upper cloth.
  • For women the preferred dress code is saree or half-saree with blouse or chudidhar with pyjama and upper cloth.
  • These rules are applicable for foreigners also. Shorts, mini-skirts, middies, sleeveless tops, low-waist jeans and short-length T-shirts are not allowed.
  • Pilgrims/visitors will not be allowed inside the Temple if dress code is not followed.

Do's & Dont's

  • Do bathe and wear clean clothes before you enter the Temple.
  • Do respect ancient customs and co-piligrims while at Temple.
  • Smo​king & Photography is strictly prohibited inside the Temple Premises.

transport connections

Name Distance Contact Number
Viringipuram Bus Stop
300 MTRS 9513508001
Anaicut Bus Stand
11 KM 9513508001
Katpadi railway Station
18 KM 0416 224 2008
Vellore Airport
7 KM 91-416-291201


Lord Brahma was born as Shivasarma here in a priest family Siva Sharma offered prayers for Swarna Ganapathi who then approached Lord Siva to perform Abhishek. As he was small, he was not able to touch the head portion of Siva Linga. Lord Siva bent down to help Siva Sharma in performing Abhishek. Lord Siva is called by Marga Bandhu Eswar which means “One who guides us in the right way". Here temple faces East direction and was built in Dravidian style of architecture.

The majestic Rajagopuram is 7 tiered and 110 feet tall. There are Rajagopura entrances on the two sides of the temple, located at East and West sides. As a rare sight, there are two Dwajasthambams in this temple, one for the main shrine and another exclusive for the Amman shrine as well. The roof above the sanctum sanctorum is decorated with Rudraksha. There is a dance hall in the front of sanctum and two big & beautiful dwarapalakas welcoming the devotees. It is a Chola shrine as testified by the Gajabrishta (Elephant rear) vimanam that rises above the sanctum sanctorum. Siva-Margabandhu is accessed from a multi-pillared Vijayanagar style hall after which you come to a frontal pavilion.The walls of the temple are said to be historically renowned for their beauty and they are amazingly symmetrical.There are 5 praharams in the temple and the temple is famous for its huge and beautiful prahara walls. Miniature Rajagopurams are present on the temple wall itself. The height of the walls varies from 15 ft to 24 ft according to the inclination of the ground.

Inscriptions - A Tamil Inscription from Margabandeswarar Temple in Virinchipuram offers some respite for dowry, the socail curse that has vexed Brahman community during the reign Devaraya-II (reigned 1432–46), Vijayanagara emperor.Agreement against Dowry by Brahmanas of the kingdom of Padaividu. This inscription refers to the Brahmana Dharma (Sacred Law of Brahmans) and specific reference to the Brahmanas of the kingdom of Padaividu (town of Padavedu – previously known as Padaividu – now in the Polur Taluk,Thiruvannamalai district) including Karnataka, Tamil, Telugu and Lata (the old name of Gujarat) Brahmanas. An agreement, signed by the representatives of Brahmanas of the kingdom of Padaividu,vouch to conduct marriages in their families as mere ‘Kanyadhana.’ – the part of the marriage ceremony where the bride’s father only gives away the bride to the bridegroom”. Inscription inside the front gopuraM of the Virinchipuram Temple second inscription to the right- A stone inscription by its side has it that it was installed by Parvathi Ammal, the wife of Arcot overseer Munisami Maistry, in memory/as per the wishes of her sister Pappathi Ammal. The stone is dated to the month of Karthikai in Vikriti year but with no numbers given. The temple has rich sculptures and artistic pillars.

Bomma Nayakars, who built Vellore Jalagandeswarar temple, made several extensions to the temple including beautiful kalyana mandapa. The highlight of the temple is two Kalyana Mandapas located on either side of the outer enclosures. Both the mandapas are filled with beautifully carved pillars and sculptures.One can find various forms of Shiva, Vishnu and other Gods wonderfully engraved on pillars of these mandapas. Narasimha coming out of pillar, killing Hiranyakasipa, Vishnu with musical instruments, and other such wonderful figures can be found in these mandapas.There is long alankara mandapam running through the entire northern prahara wall.

The main theertham of the temple is Brahma Theertham located outside the temple. The Simha teertha, the tank with the lion faced sculpture located inside the temple complex is a nicely built. Temple was built with Polished granite and cement.

Religious Significance

Lord Siva once emerged as a Cosmic pillar and challenged Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma to find the begin and the end. Lord Vishnu in the form of a Boar dug deep into the Earth and told Siva that he could not make it. Lord Brahma in the form a Swan and set out to reach the top. Brahma with the support of Mogili Flower and Cow told Siva that he had reached the top. Angered by the false claim, Lord Siva cursed Brahma that there will not be any idols for him in the Earth. To get rid of this sin, Brahma took the birth as Brahmin and called by Siva Sharma, took the responsibilities after his father’s death. Siva Sharma offered prayers for Swarna Ganapathi who then approached Lord Siva to perform Abhishek. As he was small, he was not able to touch the head portion of Siva Linga. Lord Siva bent down to help Siva Sharma in performing Abhishek. Hence the deity in this temple is found sliding.


This temple was built in 13th Century by Cholas Kings and recent renovations of the temple are done in the early 19th early 20th century by Vijayanagar Kings.This is also the birth place of renowned Vedic scholar and Shiva devotee Sri Appaya Dikshithar. The Margabandhu Stotram, to be recited each time you set out, is a work of Appayya Dikshitar, the great 16th century Sanskrit scholar who was from Virinchipuram. A century before him, composer Arunagirinathar visited the shrine and dedicated a set of verses to Muruga here.

Temple Timings

Day Timings
All Days 06:00 AM - 11:00 AM 04:00 PM - 08:00 PM



Airport Name Distance
Shamshabad 40 KM
Lorem Ipsum 12 KM

Railway Stations

Railway Station Name Distance
Secunderabad 10 KM
Nampally 12 KM
Begumpet 6 KM
Lingampally 20 KM

Bus Stations

Bus Station Name Distance
kukatpally 20 KM
Lingampally 30 KM
Uppal 35 KM

Private Transports

Transport Name Distance Contact Number
Private Transport 8 KM 9546858757
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Local Transports

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